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The #1 Quality of Those That Are Hungry for Success

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There are plenty of people who talk a big game when it comes to success and achieving their goals.

However, talk is cheap, and most are full of crap. Often, those that talk a lot rarely do. Speaking is the only action that talkers accomplish.

One quality must be developed that separates the hot-aired talkers from the hungry doers.


What Quality Do the “Hungry” Have That Separates Them?

It’s urgent.

The people that are hungry for their dreams are urgent.

These people do not wait until tomorrow. They know there might not be a tomorrow! So the opportunity may have come and gone.

They do it now.

There’s no, “Oh, I’ll do it later.” It’s done now.

I used to be a massive procrastinator. I’d always put things off to a later time. Projects at school, work assignments, gifts, etc., were put off until the last minute.

I aspired to be “great,” but I did nothing but leave a trail of mediocrity in my wake.

The people who achieve greatness earn it. Excellence is achieved by taking action now. Not later. Now.

They can’t stand going another moment, not living the life they desire.

They get to work now. They get better now. They level up now.

Since this is how they operate, they’re already onto step two. You saying “later” keeps you on step one. The urgent ones are ahead of you.

Subscribe to the “Now” Mentality

Take a look around your house.

What’s broken? Is it the dishwasher? The screen door? How long has it been that way?

Go and start fixing it right now.

Most people wait to feel motivated to take action. This is backward.

Taking action now will give birth to more motivation.

You’ll feel motivated to check another task off your list when you do the work now. So you get it done, move on to another job, accomplish that, and then another. Momentum has started.

This is what we want to do with our lives.

This momentum will cause us to ask:

“What else can I accomplish?”

Doing this will eventually create a positive habit of taking action toward our goals and dreams.

If you procrastinate in business, you can lose out on deals. Subscribing to the “now” mentality means you don’t wait to call the prospect. You call them now.

This mentality is one of the fastest ways to progress.

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