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Why Giving is the Fastest Way to Happiness

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Depression is on the rise, and stress is through the roof.

While 2022 is almost over, more and more people are feeling unhappy. A lot feel beat up, run-down, and exhausted. A pandemic has only accentuated this.

If you’re feeling down, there’s one fail-proof solution.


Give as if Your Life Depends on It

The fastest way out of unhappiness is to give.

If you're feeling down and depressed, I guarantee you are focused on yourself. Your problems. Your deficiencies. Your lack.

Take the focus off of you and go and serve someone. Find anyone, ideally, someone less fortunate than you, and give to them.

Volunteering at a homeless shelter is what I’ve always done. I’d see people who had real problems. Having to worry about food, clothing, and shelter.

I was worried about if I’d get an acting gig as I drove home in my brand-new Jeep. These people were worried about where they’d sleep later on that night.

Our problems may seem significant, but someone is saying goodbye to someone right now. That’s a real life and death issue.

It’s Not About Me. It’s About We

We as a society are so focused on getting. Everything is about what we can gain.

The equation is backward. If you want to get more from life, you have to give. The more we give to others, the more we will get later in life. The whole concept of karma is reasonably practical.

However, I think we should give for the sake of giving. Not to get.

Give your time and your attention. Give your presence, help, effort, and energy. Doing this will continually improve your mood.

Giving to others fulfills the soul in a way that sends chills up your spine and tears of joy streaming down your face.

So if you are depressed, take the focus off of yourself and your problems. Make the conscious choice to give to others without expecting to gain anything in return.

Choosing to do good for another human being is the noblest of actions we can take.

We need it now more than ever.

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